Laravel authorisation

php artisan make:auth is now deprecated… however it’s a simple fix. Instead of using $ php artisan make:auth We need to use: $composer require laravel/ui –dev $ php artisan ui vue –auth $ php artisan migrate $ npm install $ npm run dev

Docker CheatSheet

$ docker ps # List all running containers $ docker ps –all # List all containers whether running or not $ docker system prune # remove all containers To run container and see output add -a flag $ docker logs <container id> # Show logs from last time container ran $ docker stop <container id>… Read More »

Change frequency of Time Machine back ups on OSX

Create a new plist called in ~/Library/LaunchDaemons Add the following: Label ProgramArguments /System/Library/CoreServices/backupd.bundle/Contents/Resources/backupd-helper -auto StartInterval 259200 RunAtLoad KeepAlive The 259200 is the time in seconds between backups – i.e. 259200 seconds is 3 days.

Rails App Set Up

My default prototyping for an app is still Rails, it’s so quick and easy – if I just want to build something to test out an idea I think the framework is amazing. Here’s what I tend to do when first setting up, note I do the initial create using RubyMine which is as easy… Read More »

Laravel Gripes

Only a couple of weeks into Laravel and trivial but feels like it doesn’t support – for want of a better phrase, pythonic syntax. I’m more lines of code than I would in Ruby or Python oh and there are lots of types of arrays… you have to declare it’s an array also! $myArray =… Read More »

Helper methods in Laravel

Rails gives you a great helper framework for each controller, allowing you to keep the logic out of the view, wanting to replicate but looks like Laravel takes a different approach. First create a helper file in the root of the app $ touch helper.php Now add the following namespace App\Helpers; class Helper { public… Read More »

Partials in Laravel

As a rails developer you have DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) drilled into you from the outset – and one of the great tools are partials. No doubt just scratching the surface with Laravel and navigating my way around partials.I tend to have a shared directory for cross app reusable code, so created the directory and… Read More »

Static Pages

There’s pretty much always a need to some standard static pages and I usually create a home, about, contact (with form), FAQ and blog The rails command for this is $ rails g controller Pages home about contact faq blog Translating to laravel we have $ php artisan:make controller Pages We don’t have the capability… Read More »

GCP | My First VM

Launch a new Virtual Machine by heading to Compute Engine > VM Instances. Hit create and you’ll be greeted with a few options. If you’re keeping in within the free trial, the g1-small will suffice and won’t push you over your limit. You should then be redirected to the instance list and you should see… Read More »