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Laravel Gripes

Only a couple of weeks into Laravel and trivial but feels like it doesn’t support – for want of a better phrase, pythonic syntax. I’m more lines of code than I would in Ruby or Python oh and there are lots of types of arrays… you have to declare it’s an array also! $myArray =… Read More »

Postgresql with Laravel

I love Postgres and it comes out the box with Rails however it took some configuring in Laravel. Open up your project in your favourite code editor. Head to the config folder then open the database.php file First off tell the application to use postgresql as the database by changing ‘default’ => env(‘DB_CONNECTION’, ‘mysql’) to… Read More »

Hello, World!

I’m definitely not creating another Hello, World program don’t worry! I’m building out an automated Talent Acquisition platform in Rails and so going to try and walkthrough in PHPL. Not sure how realistic or time consuming it’s going to be but definitely going to give it a whirl! I’ll be using Docker at some point… Read More »

Setting up your database

I remember when starting out in rails I had never used postgres previously and setting it up seemed a nightmare – it’s actually not. You basically need to set up a user and database. It’ll look for a database with the same name as the username – lets say your login username is LaraDev –… Read More »

Development Environments

Not really a lot to say here I suppose – I’ve just always liked JetBrains products, I use php storm (php), pycharm (python), Ruby Mine (Rails) & WebStorm (node). If you need something free that does the job you could try Sublime Text, I do my webscraping in this or Visual Studio Code

Getting Started

I need to get out of the ‘it’s easier to do this in rails’ mentality as even setting up the environment I’m thinking ‘I don’t remember it being this fiddly in rails!’ and that’s only installing PHP, Composer, Laravel & Valet! Actually it wasn’t that bad – install homebrew if you haven’t already… (Oh I’m… Read More »