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Sri Lanka – Day 1 :: Lake Lodge, Colombo

After an 18 hour flight we were so pleased to arrive at Lake Lodge, welcomed with a friendly face, cool fruit juice and mint ice lolly. It’s a beautiful hotel off the main road with an industrial concrete feel to the whole place.  It felt a little strange to see a hotel with this raw… Read More »

Heroku: Application Error

Just in case anyone else is receiving an ‘Application Error: An Error occurred in the application and your page could not be served’ error after pushing your rails project my fix was pretty simple. In the console I ran: $ heroku run rake db:migrate This gave me an error saying that because Heroku didn’t support SQLite3… Read More »

iPad Pro – Should I upgrade?

As another Apple Keynote approached I’m stuck with the same dilemma I have every year… to upgrade or not to upgrade? Having just purchased an iMac 5K for work, owning a MacBook and iPad2 and an iPhone 6 the only device starting to feel the pain of a pure lack of processing power is the… Read More »