Starting out in Data Science

By | 08/05/2017

There’s a moment of realisation you have at some point in your career whereby you truly believe the rest of the market is missing a trick.
I had the chance to work with someone that fuelled my curiosity, while also hopefully me invigorating him and together we just thought differently.
It turned out some of what we did worked, some didn’t and the rest at some point would.
We both needed to go on a journey, I realised what I wanted to do and a series of events led me to move back into application development.

It was actually a guy called Chris Michael of intomobiles who asked me to develop an application for a friend of his. At the time I just didn’t have the time – fast forward 2 years and I realised I needed to invest in my own development if I was to remain sane!  18 months ago I started learning RubyOnRails and I’m now able to build web applications.
9 Months ago I started working for Annalect, got plugged into Data Science and Analytics – and I’m now about to embark on a 3 month intensive DataScience course with General Assembly to hopefully help Annalect (and Omnicom Media Group) drive engagement but also add a layer of deeper understanding to their attraction, engagement and retention.

I’m in a fortunate position in that I work 4 days a week; which allows me to develop in my spare time.
I’m currently working on the first phase of a employee/employer market insight tool that’ll give upon to date, real time reporting on key engagement and market metrics to help guide recruitment. The prototype will be ready end of August with the intention of moving in to testing Q4 2017 and roll out Q1 2018.

Counting down to the General Assembly Data Science course starting in August, it’s a 3 month, 2 night a week intensive course covering Python, Statistics and Machine Learning.

I’m hoping the transition to Python will be straight forward as there’s a lot of similarities with Ruby and while it has been a few years since I studied statistics, I studies some pretty intense statistics at university so hoping it’ll all come flooding back.

The posts in this category are both an aid to memoire, guide to anyone in a similar position to me that’s looking to transition into a different field and a reference for anyone in the same boat currently learning Data Science.