My flurry into Data Science

By | 24/10/2017

I spend most of my day speaking to modellers of some kind, not the ones that walk down the catwalk – the ones that can do amazing things with statistics and a computer!  I work for a media agency with a pretty big Data Science and Econometric modelling function and we’re always hiring.

In true ‘you wouldn’t understand if I told you’ fashion; people who didn’t know me would skirt around the facts until you probed what and how they actually did what they do… and then they still think you wouldn’t understand.
I then tell them I have a Physics degree and also program in my spare time; so probably have a good understanding of what they’re talking about and that normally changes the conversation.

I suppose it’s quite rare for a recruiter to be able to develop and now quite comfortably run Data Science projects, true my stats were a little rusty however I soon fixed that.

I’ve always thought there’s an inherent problem in companies with Data functions in trying to make things sound way more complicated than they actually are, and people following the trend to make themselves sound more important, which is why I decided to take the General Assembly Data Science course to hear it straight from the horses mouth!