Grande Soya Latte & MacBook Pro don’t mix

By | 12/08/2017

Here’s a lesson for everyone out there who like to sit in Starbucks with their coffee, working away… leave the lid on!


I don’t normally take my MacBook out in offee shops however I needed to update some code before heading into a meeting so I ordered my Grande Soya Latte, sat down and started work.

My name was called, I collected my coffee and sat back down.

Coffe to the left of me, MacBook to the right here I am stuck in the middle of both. I take the lid off my take-out cup, a few sips in and I’m not quite sure what happened next however to cut a long story short I emptied 80% of a full cup of coffee over the keyboard!

If I do say so myself I acted pretty quickly, turned it upside down, held down the power button to turn ot off and allowed the coffee to drip out.
Next thing I know it has turned itself back on… I’m therefore assuming coffee in keyboard; short circuitin the keys!
Turned it off again and this time it stayed off.

Held it upside down for a while and dried it off with a full carousel of napkins, and the help of a lovely Americal lady… who offered to buy me a replacement coffee!

Anyways, that was me thinking my laptop was for it. Whacked it in my back and went into the office.
Gave it a while and contrary to all the advice… I turned it on. It booted up, was a little sluggish and the fan kicked in staright off but seemed OK. I turned it back off, left it to dry then took it home; left it in a cupboard next to a dehumidifier all night and didn’t touch it until the following day.

This was the moment I was dreading, I turned it on and it was absolutely fine, apart from the keys being a little sticky and it thorought stinking of coffee!

A little hesitant after reading a fair few horror stories on line I spoke with Apple and booked it into a local repair centre who agreed to have a look at it.

3 days later I collect it, he says it’s beyond repair and an insurance job!
I bring it home and whipped the back off, having purchased a set of special screwdrivers in the mean time and it looks fine! Granted, there are a few coffee stains but it actually looks OK.

I’m surprised the repair centre said it was screwed and beyond repair as it looks absolutely fine. Time to get some PCB cleaner and a toothbrush me thinks!

Anyways, morale of this story… stay off the coffee!