By | 13/08/2019

Being a developer and working in an admin heavy environment is a match made in heaven, it gives you the chance to automate a lot of what you do day to day.  Throw a little Data Science and Business Analytics in there and you have a perfect relationship.
Taking this one step further now, it’s time to deliver a little back to the Talent Acquisition community by building a best in class Applicant Tracking System.

A standard ATS tracks candidates, manages requisition flow, helps with onboarding and delivers valuable insight and reports amongst other things – and todays systems have some advanced capabilities, however they still don’t fully automate the the job.  Having tested and played with quite a few; there seems to be a common theme amongst the enterprise products… they’re not designed by recruiters looking to automate their jobs.

The project now is to build an open source ATS – available to all and free to use as well as a step by step guide to anyone wanting to build something similar or learn a programming language.

The first decision is what to built it in, React, PHP, Python or Rails?  To spin up an MVP quickly I’m a huge fan of Ruby on Rails – it’s a beautiful language to code in, well supported and with Rails 6 in pre pre-release there are some rally nice features coming.
This isn’t a pro-con of each language as I’ll likely be building a back end API in Python to run the analytics – it’s just a speed of getting up and running; and rails wins hands down!

Why open source?

I’ve always though business should have the tools available to do the job, if you’re a big business then you can afford it (presumptively) but if you’re a small business – why shouldn’t you still have access to the tools to make you a big business (if you want to be) even if you can’t afford them just yet!
It’s free because it can be, the code is online and feel free to use for non-commercial purposes however if you want a purpose built platform then you’ll have to reach out.

I’ll also be walking through how to build it step by step here, again just giving a little back!