Sri Lanka – Day 11 :: Nuwari Eliya

The train journey from Kandy to Nanu Oya is supposed to be one of the best, it’s just a shame we couldn’t reserve an observational carriage.  It’s just over 3 1/2 hours from what I can tell and I have a funny feeling I’ll sleep for most of it.  This’ll be due to the Philharmonic… Read More »

Sri Lanka – Day 6 :: Polhena Beach, Matara

The next leg of our trip took us from Galle to Polhena Beach, in between Mirissa and Matara.  We travelled in 2nd class style from Unawatuna down to Walgama, the train was pretty empty so I could easily move from seat to seat to take photos.  We’re staying at Turtle Eco Beach, a collection of… Read More »

Sri Lanka – Day 3 :: Galle

It’s 33 degrees, relentless sun so what’s the best thing to do when the rest of the foreigners are lying in the shade… walk 6.5km to the Galle Fort.   I’m a huge fan of walking and within reason I’ll walk where ever I can, this may not have been the best of ideas.  We… Read More »

Sri Lanka – Day 2 :: Galle

We got off the train at Galle and got bombarded by tuk-tuk drivers, the standard over here for all foreign passengers getting off trains. We were heading down to Unawatuna but couldn’t work out how to get the train from Galle and for the sake of Rs600 we jumped in a tuk-tuk… Oh and to get… Read More »

Sri Lanka – Day 1 :: Lake Lodge, Colombo

After an 18 hour flight we were so pleased to arrive at Lake Lodge, welcomed with a friendly face, cool fruit juice and mint ice lolly. It’s a beautiful hotel off the main road with an industrial concrete feel to the whole place.  It felt a little strange to see a hotel with this raw… Read More »

Sri Lanka – Day 1 :: Colombo

Colombo Airport When you arrive at Colombo airport you’ll be amazed at how fresh and clean it is, not sure what I was expecting as Sri Lanka’s a civilised country with 95% literacy rate apparently and everyone seems to speak English, so may be just my blinkered view of the world like most other Brits… Read More »

Sri Lanka – Day 0 :: Gatwick – Colombo

We’re leaving the cold and somewhat sunny UK for Sri Lanka. Hopping on the train to Gatwick bound for Dubai thanks to Emirates, a 7 hour stop over in Dubai followed by a 4 hour flight to Colombo. It always amazes me the size of the Airbus A380, it’s vast. Legroom is amazing and whenever… Read More »

Testing Setup in Rails

Took me a little while to get my head around testing but thanks to the rails tutorial it’s starting to sink in.  Here’s how to make testing g a lot easier thanks to guard and mini-test reporters.  For the full guide head over to here, this is just so I remember it!