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User Authentication in SailsJS

When creating a new application Sails gives you the option to build a fully fledged web app including user log in and authentication as well as stripe integration… but what if you wanted a bare bones web app – well you’ll have to add user authentication yourself. That’s where passport comes in really handy. Passport… Read More »

Add a HTML form in Sails

Moving over from Rails to Sails – this one had me for a few days as forms were a doddle in Rails!I’d set up the form and it was showing in the view OK, however when I submitted I was receiving a ‘Forbidden’ error in the view. I sorted that after a little reading… sorting… Read More »

From Rails to Sails…

Having spent the last 5 years scripting in Ruby and building web apps in Ruby on Rails, I’ve loved every minute. I’ve read a lot of articles about how Rails is dead and being left behind by the new breed of web frameworks… I’m still smitten.I’ve dabbled with a few and I’ve struggled to find… Read More »