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Linking in Vue

Having set up Vue Router, linking within th components is relatively straight forward. In router.js ensure you’ve declared your routes, i.e. const routes = [ { path: “/contact”, component: Contact, name: “contact”, }, { path: “/about”, component: About, name: “about”, }]; You can then use router-link to embed a tags in your page <router-link :to=”{name:… Read More »

Removing hash from URL Laravel-Vue

The hash (#) in the url is there to support older browsers so if you need to support older browsers you best not remove it. To move to a cleaner URL structure we need to use the HTML 5 History mode by adding mode: ‘history’ to your router. const router = new VueRouter({ routes, mode:… Read More »

Vue Router in Laravel

To use the view router we need to tell laravel that everything we need to route that’s not to the api needs to be taken care of through the Vue router. In your routes/web.php add Route::get(‘/{prms?}’, function () { return view(‘welcome’); })->where(‘prms’, ‘^(?!api\/)[\/\w\.-]*’); This tells laravel to consider everything after the forward slash as a… Read More »