Create an f1-micro instance on Google Cloud

By | 01/08/2020

I’ve noticed the option to create an f1-micro instance has been removed from the UI in the console so here’s how to generate one through the command line.

You’ll need to ensure you have the gcloud sdk installed to achieve this.

The bolded elements below are configurable so feel free to change however this allows you to generate a micro instance with 1cpu & 0.6gb Ram

gcloud compute instances create yourInstanceName \
–zone=europe-west2-c  –machine-type=f1-micro \
–image-project=ubuntu-os-cloud –image-family=ubuntu-1804-lts \
–boot-disk-type=pd-standard –boot-disk-size=10GB

You’ll then be able manage in the console. This is a ‘known’ bug in the console apparently however could well be Google just removing the easy way to create a free instance 🙂