From Rails to Sails…

By | 31/07/2020

Having spent the last 5 years scripting in Ruby and building web apps in Ruby on Rails, I’ve loved every minute. I’ve read a lot of articles about how Rails is dead and being left behind by the new breed of web frameworks… I’m still smitten.
I’ve dabbled with a few and I’ve struggled to find one where you can go from plan to MVP as quickly as with Rails… until now!

I’ve found Sails and I love it. OK it’s not a million miles away from Rails, not only in name but in set up. It’s built around the same convention over configuration set up as Rails meaning you get a lot straight out the box, true you’re not building from the ground up – but it does mean you get a Javascript framework and can start having fun straight away.

Most of the tutorials I’ve read build out solutions around the API and I’ve struggled to find good tutorials focused on the front end.

I’ll replicate a talent management system, well part of it, I was building in Rails – partly so I can remember what I did but also hopefully it’ll be useful for someone out there who’s keen to go on a new journey…