Google Cloud Platform – init

By | 05/12/2019

Historically Digital Ocean has been my cloud platform of choice however GCP is now catching my eye and I’ve been tinkering around with it… so may be time to move over.

Looking back at my time trying to configure a web server on AWS to run a Rails app (remember it being a nightmare) the thought of learning a new platform was a little off putting, however due to a number of factors (integration across the Google suite being a key one) I’m taking the plunge.

Most of the following ramblings will be an aid to memoir for me… you may, or may not find them useful!

Oh, assuming you already have a Google account and can log into GCP, there’s a £230 ($300) free trial for 12 months also so you’ll not have to pay anything for the first year if you don’t use more than £19 of services a month 🙂